C L A S S E S  &  F E E S


C L A S S E S  &  F E E S

Class Act Kids call 'ACTION' in front of the green screen with the clapper board.

This is to individually reward focus and class progression each week.




AGES 4-6
Thursdays 4:10 - 5pm


Block of 6x 50min sessions 

*Sibling discount available. Please enquire.

AGES 7-12

Thursday 5pm - 6:20pm

St. Francis Millennium Centre, Park Road, Barry CF62 6NX
Please be advised that the fee amount may increase or decrease due to how many sessions are held each term. There may also be an added £20 administration charge if we are liaising with an outside company on particular projects, extra filming or tuition days organised. Class Act Company do not reserve the right to refund any fees if your child can not attend a scheduled class or organised location filming.
A detailed email is sent out at the beginning of every term. This highlights cost involved and the terms lesson plan.

Block of 6x 80min sessions 
*Sibling discount available. Please enquire.