S C E N E  4  S C R E E N
Intensive summer term focusing on acting skills for camera.
These projects differ from year to year to keep it fresh.

S T A G E / F I L M
P E R F O R M A N C E 

Sept-March(alternate years)
Take on a script and work solidly on preparing a innovative stage or screen performance.

'What we do'....Acting methods and techniques for stage/screen, covering singing and dance for all abilities aged 4-12.

Children will be tutored by trained actor, singer & dancer Sian Griffin from A.L.R.A (Live and Recorded Arts) London drama school. Also Professionals from the TV industry will be joining us at certain times throughout the year.


Class Act Kids have the opportunity to develop their skills in an array of unique filming projects. These involve acting for promotional adverts or videos which may go on to be used for popular tv channels and social media platforms.


Children are always encouraged to be themselves, express their emotions in a nurturing environment that is fun and friendly whilst making new friends. 

Outside auditions may arise and be offered to the company or specific individuals. 

We love to welcome new Class Act Kids to our sessions who will embrace and connect with new challenges. You may have a child who loves to perform and needs that extra confidence boost.

Encourage your child to join in with exciting, exclusive and innovative tutoring.

"We look forward to welcoming you!"